” I really enjoyed all of the courses because the groups at this workshop

are smaller than the other courses I have attended, I feel I got more

out of the course and could use the time better and more efficiently

than many other courses. The teachers were great.”

Hege Midtun Larsen, Bergen Norway. Industrial Machine Knit Course,

Knit Design Course and  Print Fashion Course. June-August 2012.

“It was really good as small numbers in the class means you can have lots of

attention. Also really good that you can do what you need help on, more

tailored to your needs. Loved the week, learned so much.”

Amelia Seale, Undergraduate BA Textiles Central St Martins. `Make a Garment Course`

13-17 August 2012

“Working through a pattern involving many of the basic techniques and

being able to practice and repeat these. Very satisfying making a finished piece”

Claire Hewlett , Kent UK.  `Make a Garment Week 13-17 August 2012.

“The most important point is that here you learn the techniques, its not easy

to find a place or studio like yours”

Monica Cuertos, Madrid Spain, Fashion/Tricot Designer. Industrial Machine Knit Course 2-5 April 2012.

” I enjoyed Intarsia and Fairisle the most. It was very satisfying to be able to grasp the techniques and apply them to garments”

Ping Ho, West Sussex UK.  Machine Knit Design Course September -December 2011.

“A very informative and useful course in a pleasant environment. I wish I had done the course sooner”

Hazel Killip, Knitwear Technologist, London.
Industrial Machine Knit Course, 4th-8th April 2011

“I was amazed by the diversity of possible garments to make and impressed by Rachael`s patience and brilliant explanation in teaching us”

Gabrielle Durnford, Tutor, Bath Spa University.
Make a Garment Course, 28 Feb-4 March 2011

“Thankyou this week was very very useful, just the perfect course for me.”

Marrtje Boer, Teacher at Academy of Visual Arts Maastricht, Netherlands.
Industrial Machine Knit Course, 1-5 November 2010

“This course has been pretty perfect to build on what I have been taught at college and I`m hoping the new techniques will help me to create even more exciting samples and garments.”

Chloe Forestier-Walker, Knit Design Undergraduate
6 Week Course 16 August-24 September 2010

“I was a little wary of the design aspect as not my strong point, but I like the way the approach to design was made accessible at a variety of levels”

Margaret Williams
20-24 September 2010 Make a Garment Course

“The way the course is delivered allows participants to gain technical skill without suppressing them from pursuing their own direction. The ability of the tutor to differentiate the learning within such a diverse group was admirable”

Clare Hutchinson, creating her own knit fashion business
6 week course 16 August-24 September 2010

An e-mail from one course participant

“I started a new job as a knitwear and jersey designer this year . I am now located in Amsterdam. The brand is pretty commercial, but I can try a lot more than in my previous jobs. I can tell that your class has helped me a lot for my technical understanding and communicating with technicians!”

Sonja,Lahnstein, Germany
Knit-1 Design Workshop Course, 6 week course July-August 2009.

More from feedback sheets. Which week or technique did you enjoy most and why?

“The first week because it opened a whole new world for me! It was so exciting”

Lindsey Pauwels, Ghent,Belgium
Knit-1 Design Workshop Course, 6 week course Sept-Nov 2009

“Contours Fashioning, the most useful technique for fabric manipulation. Something I wouldn`t have grasped on my own.”

Emma Beisher, Surrey UK
Knit-1 Design Workshop Course, 6 week course Sept-Nov 2009

“My major feedback is WOW! I had never realized that this course can be so much fun. And it’s the well-thought structure and still entire liberty that make this course so valuable for me. As you’ve mentioned during one of Friday reviews, we all come from different backgrounds, and your course takes it into consideration and allows each one to follow what he’s inclined for using the base technique.

Another part of the teaching, which I personally appreciate a lot, is the way Catherine opens my horizons on the way of actual garment design. This see-and-try freestyle approach is something I’ve never experienced before (the truth is, I’m a self-taught “designer”, it’s more of an accident really). Through Catherine’s coaching I try things I’d have never tried myself, as I would not have realized the hidden potential of this or that technique, motif, stitch etc.

I absolutely loved the post-Pitti session as it gave me an opportunity to hear the trends review by the industry professionals, which broadened my own perception.

Friday reviews are really important as they give you a different perspective of what you’ve been exploring the whole week. It’s interesting to observe how all the students think and work differently, how one technique becomes 4 different styles. I can say that I’ve learned a lot just by observing what else could have been achieved with the same technique.”

Julia Wimmerlin, Switzerland
Knit-1 Design Workshop Course, 12 week course Jun-Sept 2008.Here is a link to Julia’s website (www.wim-merlin.com)

“I have really been enjoying the class and am learning so much every day. Catherine is such a great and patient teacher!! Aside from learning knitting in general I think my favorite part of this course is the relevance it has to the industry as it is at the moment. I really enjoyed the presentation you did on Pitti & the shopping in Italy. It is really important to me to feel like I know what is going on in knitwear and the fashion world in general, especially since I am not working at the moment and I was kind of worried about falling out of touch with the industry by taking 3 months off.”

Meredith Sherwood, Philadelphia, USA.
Knit-1 Design Workshop, Jun-Sept 2008

“The course has shown us different techniques which i was not shown before at all at College and different ways on manipulating this particular theme which i find very very useful and interesting. I find the introduction board very useful as well as it gives a very broad range of ideas and examples for a start.

Personnally i think the techniques learnt and methods of starting from techniques to designing have helped me a lot. Overall, it’s been very good, it is just that i have to push myself more when it comes to designing with the time i have got for each week”

Yean Yin Lim, from Malaysia
Knit-1 Design Workshop, Jan – Mar 2008

“This first week was all about stripes and I can safely say that I will never think about stripes the same way again. Stripes appear simple and too easy, but they can be so much more. There are so many ways to play with them. At first I didn’t quite understand what exactly we were getting at, but after one week, I can understand that it is a design process in itself. Learning a technique, then trying it out and playing with it. Then making larger swatches and then developing them into possibilities for garments. It is a very organic process, different than I am used to from my fashion training (knock offs in the fashion business prevails). I really appreciate this approach as it feels like what we are doing is like what artists are doing when they are sketching, and then developing them into paintings.

I often wondered how a really fabulous garment comes about, and I suppose this must be it, as when you work this way, it will likely be original and free of impersonal influence.”

Andrea Tung, Toronto, Canada.
Knit-1 Design Workshop, Jan- Mar 2008