Internships currently postponed

Work Experience Interns

Please email CV with cover letter to Richard Dykes or post to Richard Dykes, Knit-1 Ltd, 93 Islingword Road, Brighton BN2 9SJ. The positions are now generally unpaid but you will learn alot whilst you are here and definitely advance your skills.

Work Experience Programme

The placements are generally of 2 weeks to 2 months duration but sometimes exceptions to this can be made. Positions are open to those  individuals with the right skills. Only open to undergraduates with considerable knit, print,sewing or embroidery skills. We often receive high volume of applications so those individuals who have taken one of our 1.5 or 10 week courses will be favoured. Applicants ideally need to apply at least 2 months in advance of their proposed availability but sometimes we need an intern at short notice. You will work on a very varied and high quality design product hence we require individuals with excellent application, drive and real interest in fashion textiles.

Please send with your CV three or four examples of your work showing your design style and technical abilities.  If you post you must include a stamped addressed envelope to the correct postage for the return of these or email Richard Dykes but please keep file size manageable. We would then decide if we wanted to interview you, to ascertain the level of your design and make skills and assess you for the work experience position.

We would try to reply to all requests but please realise we get many more than we actually need and the very nature of our business means we may be travelling to important trade shows or to customers offices abroad.

Here is a selection of comments gathered from previous work experience students on interships with Knit-1

“The team of people you have working there are really a good crowd, all really lovely and friendly, we really felt at home, it was all such a pleasure. It is also really nice to be proud of what you are doing and knowing that you are producing a good quality product, it makes everyday so rewarding. Also being back at uni has made us realise just how much we have developed technically since the second year, so I can’t thank you enough; we were really dealt a good hand!”

Adam Sansom
Trent University

“I would like to say thank you again for such a fantastic placement, I cant imagine progressing to my final year at university without the experience I gained during my time in Brighton. I learnt an incredible amount and feel it has improved my confidence in expressing my opinion and in myself as a designer. It really set me up to take on a career in the fashion industry in the future”

Lindsay Marsh
Northumbria University

“I would recommend an internship at Knit-1 to future students. The placement gives you the opportunity to learn new skills almost everyday.The range of design work produced is vast, as a student you will be working with different techniques and designers will teach you new techniques and encourage and support you. The company produces beautifully designed work and students are encouraged to produce designs for their own group during the placement. Through sitting in on design meetings and weekly feedback sessions you will absorb design skills. The placement can be hard work because of the breadth of skills the student will use, however if you are eager to learn and motivated you will find this placement very rewarding.”

Linda Groundsell
Brighton University

“I can say that I have become confident both designing and knitting since the Knit-1 placement, and cannot imagine how I would go to my final year without the experience at Knit-1. I could not crochet, do fashioning, Intarsia or embroidery but now I have learned all those skills.I hope that many more placement students learn lots of things and have precious experience at Knit-1.”

Cheiko Motomura
Trent University

“As a knit technician I was responsible for completing five designs each week. At the start of my placement I was working with a designer, towards the end I was given the opportunity to put ideas for groups forward. The placement was beneficial as I gained experience and a better understanding of commercial and domestic knitting machines, embroidery techniques and crochet”

Julia Neill
Brighton University